Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Family Wedding - Colorado Style

Last Wednesday, when Jason was done with work, we packed up our kid and my car and hit the road towards the Rocky Mountains. We made a short pit stop in Council Bluffs, Iowa to jump on hotel room beds and get a few hours of shut eye. 
But, then, it was to Colorado we went for a weekend of celebrating! Our little princess was such a trooper in the car. She kept herself busy by looking out the window, playing games on the iPad and taking little snoozes with her baby Taylor Swift {yes, that is what she named her baby. Not Taylor. Taylor Swift.}

We rolled into the Mile High State late in the afternoon and it was straight to downtown Denver we went to get ready for my cousin's wedding rehearsal and groom's dinner. The groom's dinner was at ChopHouse and was fantastic. The food was so good, the atmosphere was really cool and it was so fun being together with my dad's side of the family, particularly my cousins and siblings {no offense grandma, parents, aunts & uncles - but us "kids" just have way too much fun together}.

Friday morning, priority #1 was getting my little flower girl to her hair appointment! It was so fun that she got to have that done and really be one of the girls. 
 After Kenley's locks were wedding ready, I brought her back to our room to get in a pre-wedding nap. I realized at this point I had a couple of hours to kill and my darling husband was fine hanging in the dark hotel room with the sleeping toddler. One thing about me is that I LOVE alone time, especially when it's out and about in a fun city. I had such an amazing afternoon enjoying the sunshine, mountain air and downtown Denver. I walked myself to Fluff Bar to get my hair blown out. It was a lovely mile or so down the 16th Avenue Mall. Fluff was great and so fun. They had Gossip Girl playing, champagne flowing {which I desperately wanted to partake in} and did an awesome job on my hair. Then on the walk back I made a couple of quick pit stops for some guac and a chai {life's essentials if you ask me}
 After being so tired and so sore from all the time in the car, this "me time" was the perfect revival. I was in a great mood and felt so ready to celebrate my cousin and his new bride. 

The ceremony and reception took place at Mile High Station which was a venue right up my alley. I loved everything about it! Kenley did an awesome job getting down the aisle and then proceeded to chat during the entire ceremony. She was mostly talking to herself {although she did look at me and say "I wuv you" at one point} so hopefully it wasn't too distracting for Ben & Emily. The venue was super dark and I didn't want to use my flash and mess up the professional photos so I don't have any great photos of her executing her FG duties, unfortunately.
After the ceremony it was party time and believe me when I say that I'd be hard pressed to find a family that parties like mine does. I counted and realized I have been pregnant at seven weddings and this one was the most fun one to be sober at, and that's truly saying a lot because the other six weddings were far from duds! The food was awesome, the music was awesome, my family was crazy and hilarious and I danced myself silly using my Ziggy bump as my dance partner {which I majorly paid for the next day - ouch!}. It was seriously so much fun and I wish we could do it all over again! 

My beautiful new Cousin-in-Law posted this sneak peek from their photographer yesterday and I couldn't resist stealing it! SO beautiful!
I couldn't be happier for my cousin, it's amazing seeing him so happy and so in love and I know I speak for my whole family when I say that we are thrilled to have Emily join our circus. It was a beautiful, fun and memorable wedding and I am so glad we got to be a part of it!


P!nky said...

Looks like an INCREDBILE weekend, such beautiful weather and y'all all look fabulous. I love KK's hair, way too cute and wow you were able to keep it together after she napped. Fun that you were able to get your Me time and explore a new city, such an enjoyable experience indeed.

Jenn said...

Kenleys hair is so cute! Love the dress you wore to the wedding--it is an Everly dress? The wedding looked like it was a bunch of fun! :)

Erin LFF said...

LOVE all these pictures- what a beautiful wedding, couple, flower girl etc!! So happy you and all your cousins/family got some quality time together to celebrate. That last sneak peek wedding picture is so gorgeous- you better post more when they come in ;) Me time is SO important, I'm glad you got out and got the essentials while you had the time!

Unknown said...

A beautiful wedding and 2 nights of great fun!! Little Mou was a perfect little flower girl and party monster. My favorite was watching the pregomama bust it on the dance floor. xo m

Carolyn said...

I've already told you a bunch - but I love love love that dress. Just wear it every day until Ziggy comes out, ok? :)

Don't even get me started on how adorable Kenny is. Seriously. #somedaydaughtergoals BAHAHAHAHA!

mackyton said...

An adorable wedding ceremony!! Couple looks made for each other and their wedding venue is very pretty. I wish to start my blissful life at similar beautiful Chicago wedding venues. It’s my desire to get married at an outdoor venue during spring.

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