Tuesday, March 29, 2016

What to Pack for the Hospital

With ONE MONTH {from today!!!} until my due date, it was time to get our bags together. Kenley was born a week past her due date but who knows what this one will do, so it's good to be prepared. There are a few things things that will need to be thrown in last minute as we use them every day but having our bags mostly done and knowing it won't be a last second scramble to collect our things while I'm huffing and puffing through contractions is a relief. Being that this is the second time I am doing this, I feel like I learned from the first time and was able to eliminate and consolidate what I am packing. Here's what I feel are the essentials for giving birth at the hospital. 
Last time, I brought entirely too much stuff for myself. I think I had like 3 pairs of underwear packed of which I wore one pair on the way home {those mesh underwear things they give you are actually great when you're just sitting in a hospital bed with a 20 pound pad on}. This time around, I am bringing basically no clothes, I figure I will wear TO the hospital what I plan to come home in as I'll be changing into a gown as soon as I get there and will just hang in a comfy nightie and robe once we're in recovery {I got this one so that I feel somewhat cute}. If I end up with a C-section I may need some extra stuff but I figure I can cross that bridge then - we live less than 10 minutes from the hospital so having Jason run home for things or asking someone to grab stuff for us would be easy. So really, I'm just packing the absolute basics and essentials for myself.
 For Mom:
□ Toothbrush
□ Toothpaste
□ Lotion
□ Deodorant
□ Shampoo
□ Conditioner
□ Concealer
□ Makeup Basics {foundation, powder, mascara}
□ Chapstick
□ Nipple Cream
□ Brush
□ Hair ties
□ Nightie
□ Robe
□ Nursing bra (x2)
□ Underwear (x1)
□ No slip socks
□ Towel {no thanks on those paper thin, teeny towels}
□ Pillow
□ Essential Oils & Diffuser {lavender & clary sage}

Jason is pretty low maintenance in terms of stuff, so for him it's really just the bare essentials like a couple of toiletries and a change of clothes. If we end up in the hospital longer than anticipated, he can run home for more clothes.
For Dad:
□ Toothbrush
□ Mouthwash
□ Deodorant
□ Chapstick
□ Gum
□ Boxers (x2)
□ Socks (x2)
□ Change of clothes
□ Shorts for sleeping
□ Pillow

Anything that you NEED for baby is provided by the hospital - hat, blankie, diapers, wipes, etc. Of course, if you WANT to have your own outfits & blankies bring those {like I am} but other than that, I am just relying on what the hospital gives us. I'll have the diaper bag with us to bring home everything the hospital sends us with and will also bring my nursing pillow but other than that baby's bag is going to be pretty empty. Oh, and obviously you need to have your car seat ready to rock.
For Baby:
□ Diaper bag
□ Extra Blanket
□ Extra hat
□ Jammies
□ Going home outfit
□ Nursing Pillow
□ Car seat

As far as those extras go, I think it's really to each their own. Whatever you can't possibly spend a day or two without, should come with you. With Kenley, we had friends and family bringing us food all day long so all the snacks we packed went un-opened. This time we'll bring some granola bars and a couple of Gatorades just in case but other than that the hospital has food/drinks or we'll ask our parents to help feed us. Dad - you're on milkshake duty again! Other than that we'll just bring our camera, laptop and phone chargers along with some of my FRIENDS dvds for entertainment. And really, that's it.

□ Granola Bars
□ Laptop & Charger
□ Phone Chargers
□ Extension Cord {never know where those outlets will be located}
□ FRIENDS dvds

And one last tip, I made a list of all the last minute things we need to throw in the bag before we head out the door and left it on the top of my bag {makeup, phone chargers, wallet, etc} because you just never know what of situation you will find yourself in, so in case it's a more rushed/panicked one having the list will make grabbing that stuff super quick and efficient and will prevent you from forgetting anything.

Anything major you mamas think I'm missing?


Confessions of a Northern Belle said...

I am pretty sure I didn't open my hospital bag until the third day we were there. I ended up despising the clothes I brought to wear home, as well as the pjs - and know now I should bring a long cardigan, better pj pants, and my own shampoo!

P!nky said...

Saving this for one day!!!!!! You are oh so organized.

Erin LFF said...

It's nice to see a second-time mom's thoughts on this! I am the queen of over packing but I know the hospital is one place I REALLY don't want to do that for-lol! Using your list for sure :) Thanks for posting!!

Unknown said...

The brand new Mou pictures got to me. You are ready!
Cannot wait to meet Ziggy Boy. xo m

Carolyn said...

As always - perfectly organized. :) I forgot what a teeny squish Ken Ken was!!!!!

Lauren Honeycutt said...

Lol, I love that you're bringing Friends DVDs! I predict that I'll end up doing the same!

Michelle Levine said...

You sound ready to go ! Hmmm nursing pads, flip flops, extra hair elastic / bobby pins / headband or however you normally pull your hair back...scratch mittens for baby, maybe some mints/lozenges for you and dad!

ajs {of MN} said...

i love that you've been packed for a month!!! you are SO ready!
the pics of baby K are just precious!