Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Excited to Feel Good

This pregnancy has definitely been tougher on me than my pregnancy with Kenley. The majority of the past 9 months I've just been exhausted and sore and completely void of energy. I'm grateful that nothing major has gone wrong and that all of my symptoms have been considered "normal" but I am at the point where I am so, so, so ready to just feel GOOD. 
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I love having this belly and feeling my baby move is the absolute coolest thing I will ever experience and I know I am going to miss it so much, but the thought of not having a 10-15 pound bowling ball protruding out of me sounds pretty great! I'm also excited for energy...sure it will probably take some time to settle into a routine, recover from childbirth and get a decent stretch of sleep but being able to walk up the stairs without getting winded is going to be such a treat! 

I've already started thinking about and brainstorming some ideas and plans for getting back into shape after baby is born and I can't believe I am about to say this but I CAN'T WAIT! I am so excited to run and sweat and feel sore {from a workout not just from getting up off the couch}. I'm excited to eat healthy food without having to choke it down and chase it with breakfast cereal. I'm excited to see the number on the scale go down instead of up. I'm excited to wear pants that don't go up to my boobs.

I had the very best intentions of making this a super healthy and fit pregnancy - and truly, I did an OK job - however, as a friend recently said "when you are growing a human some days all you can handle is existing." And really, that is so true. You can't beat yourself about not having energy. You can't feel bad about skipping a workout or eating one too many brownies. Yes, it's of utmost importance to take good care of yourself but a lot of times that just means taking an extra nap. Even if you accomplish NOTHING all day long, you are still growing a person and that is more than enough.
I plan on sharing my goals and progress throughout the whole baby weight loss journey and would love to hear what sorts of things worked best for those of you who have been through it! I didn't get serious about losing the weight until after Kenley was a full year old and I definitely don't want that much time to pass this go around. I know for a fact there will be no calorie counting or work outs happening those first several {4? 6? 8?} weeks but any tips you all have for slowly getting back into it after having a baby would be much appreciated!!!


Bridget said...

A few tips...don't set unrealistic goals, take it slow...too much at one time can set you up for failure and then give up, make small goals and once you achieve them...make bigger goals. Set aside time to do your workout but know that getting interrupted is going to happen so it your 30 min workout is stretched out in 5 min intervals all's OK. I ordered PIYO to do after Maddox was born and loved it.

Lauren Honeycutt said...

Girl, just take it easy these next few weeks (and the several weeks after that)! But when you're ready, I know that just put up a Post-Baby Bod workout that might help!

P!nky said...

LOVE this! I can only imagine what it's like to grow a human inside you, what an incredible miracle. Honor your body and remember, once Ziggy makes his appearance it took you 9 months to cook him so it might take 9 months to get back to prebaby shape and state of body/mind. Start simple then work your way up.

Erin LFF said...

Excited to not wear pants that come up to my boobs.... BAH! Amen to that sister!!!! ;) I know you will tackle your post-baby goals and I'm excited that YOU'RE excited about them all. Please send motivation my way in a few months.

Unknown said...

Happy healthy mama = happy healthy house.
Adjusting to a family of 4 will come and then be sure to take time for yourself. I watched you finish a 1/2 marathon!
Enough said. xo m

Kayla MKOY said...

It is SUCH a good feeling to FEEL GOOD and to truly be EXCITED about getting healthy! I know you can do it! I'm a weirdo and totally love feeling sore, too! ;) good luck w/ your post-baby goals!

Lisa @ Naptime Chai said...

I'm excited to work out again, too! But then I remember how tired I'm going to be... I was exhausted with just Clara (I blame the breastfeeding). Still, I'm determined! Also, I don't know why this baby doesn't want healthy food. I see veggies, and then decide to just eat chocolate (which is not that normal for me). What the heck, kid!?

We can both do this getting in shape thing, though! Wooohooo!

ajs {of MN} said...

wait what... still wearing pants up to my boobs! [[ashamed]] NOT.

dont stress too much about getting back to what you want as you being 'normal', #2 does a number on the body- i am STILL (i mean really it hasnt even been THAT long) but i am working on feeling good with my "new normal" i am slowly getting back into my workouts getting to a gym for a class workout once a week, once every other a week. it's not much but it does WONDERS for the self-esteem and a feel good state of mind.