Thursday, June 2, 2016

Nolan | One Month Old

On May 22nd, our sweet boy celebrated his first month on this earth and in our family. I can very honestly say it was the fastest month of my life. Nolan is such a sweet baby and I can't believe we hit the awesome baby jackpot twice! {knock on wood he keeps it up} He is so chill, only really cries when he's getting his diaper changed, and is an awesome sleeper. We can already tell he is a lot like his mama, he loves to cuddle and hates being cold {two things very different from his dad and sister}. My attachment to this baby boy has really caught me off guard, I knew for sure I would love him with my whole soul as I do his sister, but something about my son just has me totally obsessed. 

Here's a little recap and update on his first month of life!
Weight: 12.2 pounds

Sleep: Nolan will take a long (3-4hr) nap in n the afternoon, doses in & out from 6-10pm then sleeps around 6 hours, eats then sleeps another 2-3 hours. 
Daily Routine: No set routine but definitely noticing some patterns (see above & below)

Feeding: Nursing has been going awesome! Nolan eats every 3ish hours during the day, cluster feeds like a boss from 6-10 every night, then 1-2 times through the night. He typically only nurses for about 10 minutes on one side then is good. I've also been able to pump 1-2 times a day allowing me to build a pretty good freezer stash!
Diaper Size: Size 1 Pampers Swaddlers

Clothes Size: Still in newborn, but those are getting snug
Hair Color: Looks like it's brown but is much blonder in the light 

Eye Color: Super dark blue
4/22 - born! ...8lbs, 0oz and 20 inches long
4/23 - First bath {at the hospital}
4/24 - Home! ...7lb 9oz 
4/26 - First doctor's appointment...7lb 14oz
4/27- Newborn photos with Sara Jayne
5/1- First bath at home, not a fan!
5/5 - 2 week appt...8lb 9oz, 22in, cord fell off 
5/6 - First Bottle

Nicknames: Noley, Noley Bear, Noley Cannoli 
My Sweet Nolan, 

Just like that, you are a month old. This time around I know how quickly this all goes so I am trying my very best to cherish every moment and soak up as many newborn snuggles as I possibly can. You are such a good baby and such a sweet little thing. There is no denying that we have special bond already and we may just be two peas in a pod. It seems a weird thing to say, but I can't really believe how much I love you - you may even say I am completely obsessed with you. You have completed our family in a way that I was hoping but never really could have anticipated. I am so excited to watch you grow but don't grow too quickly now, I need more itty bitty baby snuggles first. 

Love, Mama


Lauren Honeycutt said...

How is he already a month old?? And Noley Cannoli is the cutest nickname ever!

Edye Nicole said...

Happy 1 month to your little one! So cute :)

Edye | Http://

Unknown said...

What an angie. The pictures are adorable! Not the least bit worried about the bond between you two. xo m

Laura said...

ahhh congrats!! our boys are one day apart! :) :)

eric yao said...

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