Thursday, July 14, 2016

Nolan | Two Months Old

Now that we're a week away from having a 3 month old, I should probably recap Nolan's second month. Am I ever going to feel caught up on life? In 18 years maybe. Month 2 was just as wonderful as month 1, this little boy completes our family and my heart in way I could have never anticipated. He is so dang sweet and now that he is smiling has me even more wrapped around his finger than before. He is still an awesome, pretty low maintenance baby who gets cuter by the day.
Weight: 13 pounds, 15oz {as of his 2 month dr. appt}. He is also in the 90th + percentile in height, weight and head size! 

Sleep: Sleeps around 9 hours each night! Hallelujah! Naps are still random but he usually takes a bunch of little cat naps with one longer one in the afternoon. However, if he's snuggling with mama, he'll sleep all day.
Daily Routine: Our daily routine is still pretty up in the air. Feedings and naps are still baby lead and I have a feeling we'll have a hard time falling into a routine until summer is over - every day around here is just so different. Nolan has been going to bed pretty consistently around 8:30pm every night. I'd love to get that earlier but right now, it's working.

Feeding: Nolan eats approximately every 3 hours during the day {sometimes more}, then we've been doing a 5oz bottle of expressed milk every night before bed - he was getting so tired that nursing was just too hard so the bottle has been ensuring his tummy is full before he hits the hay.
Diaper Size: size 1, but will need to move to 2's very soon

Clothes Size: 0-3 month
Hair Color: Looks brown but is blonder in the light 

Eye Color: Super dark blue

First Smirks & smiles

6/5 - 40 day blessing at the Greek Orthodox Church 

6/9 - First Swim, he liked the water but did not like being cold {just like his mama}.

6/10Slept through the night!

6/12 - First boat ride which he slept through the entire thing. He woke up with just enough time to grab a family picture. 

Nicknames: Noley, Noley Bear, Noley Cannoli, Little, Squish, Cookie Boy

My Nolan, 

You sweet little thing, you have mama completely and totally smitten. Your little personality is starting to show which just makes us love you even more, which we didn't realize was possible! You are a rock star sleeper just like your sister which mommy and daddy really appreciate. You are such a good baby and so easy to have around, I love that I can just take you anywhere. These days with you as a teeny baby are going much too fast and I'm trying so hard to soak up every last second. I am so excited to see you reach each new milestone but at the same time wish I could keep you this small forever. It's not possible for me to love you any more and I am so proud and grateful to be your mom. 

Love, Mama


Erin LFF said...

That picture of you two snuggling.... FAVE! Nolan is such a cutie and I'm still just so happy for your adorable little family of 4. SO awesome that he's sleeping so good for you overnight- rock on momma! You are doing such a great job :) xo

Lauren Honeycutt said...

He is the cutest cutest little man! Love these pictures!

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

His expressions are so cute!

Unknown said...

Noley had me at hello. Very easy to love him. xo m

Sarah said...

He's just too cute! He's really starting to look like big sister!

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