Monday, February 29, 2016

{bump two} 31 weeks

Mom :: +27.6lbs // Baby :: appx. 16inches & 3.33lb {a coconut!}
Baby is can turn his head side-to-side and his arms, legs and body are starting to plump up!
63 days til Due Date!

My due date is TWO MONTHS from today! I am feeling like I've been pregnant FOREVER and it seems like it was a lifetime ago that I found out. But, I also know once Ziggy is here, I'll look back and think "wow, did that fly!" I know the final weeks tend to creep but it feels like my baby boy is coming quick! Everyone seems to think he's coming early, which he might, but I'm trying not to think about that because it's very possible this one will be late just like his big sissy and come late.

Speaking of sissy, this little girl is getting so excited! She asks me several times a day when Ziggy is going to "pop" out and then goes on about how cute he will be and how tiny and how she can't wait to kiss is head and tell him happy birthday. It's the cutest and makes my heart swell. I don't even want to know what kind of mess I'll be when my babies meet for the first time, but I can't wait! Because she's been asking so often when he's coming, I decided to do a little project with her and make a countdown to Ziggy's due date.
I explained to her that this day was just a guess, so now she always says, "he might come before our countdown or maybe after or he might come in the middle of the night when it's dark. Silly Ziggy."

Like most weeks lately, this last one has been a bit of a rollercoaster. I am feeling the effects of late pregnancy in a big way. I am trying really hard to love and appreciate the journey and embrace these last days as this is most likely the last time I will be pregnant, so my emotions are everywhere. As many things as I love about being pregnant, there are also those not-so-fun things that come with it too, and at this point I am just so so so excited to meet my little man. Basically, I am ready to be done but will continue to do my best to enjoy these last two months.

The highlight of the past week was definitely my first sprinkle over the weekend!!! It was so much stinkin' fun and I can't wait to share all the details with you tomorrow!

{didn't have a picture that week I guess}


AND, congratulations to Jessica Wells who won my Vintage Sports Painting giveaway from Dull & Boring!
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Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday's Five

Happy Friday everyone! Normally, I would be totally bummed to be home from vacation {we got home last night} but not today because I have so much awesome stuff to look forward to in the coming week! Such as the following five things...

1. Sprinkle - My Beeb is hosting a sprinkle at her house this weekend and I am seriously so so so excited. I never expected to have a Sprinkle, so I am pumped to get to celebrate Ziggy with some of my best friends on Sunday! 

2. Oscars - Those who know me in real life know that Oscar Sunday is like Christmas at my house. I cannot stinkin' wait for the Red Carpet and Hollywood's biggest night! I've got my Oscar pool all ready to go {gotta add some wagering to the event don't ya know} and am excited to HOPEFULLY see my main man Leo win his first Oscar. 

3. Doctor's Appointment - my 32 week appointment is on Wednesday and I am getting excited to go in and check on little Zig. We will have another ultrasound to check the chord and will once again make sure he is growing properly, which up until now has seemed to be a non-issue. I've had some crazy large movements lately, so I am hoping to confirm that this little ninja is still face down. 

4. Dance Class - My dreams of reaching Dance Mom Status are coming true!!! Kenley is signed up for dance and starts on Wednesday! I am so excited! And so is she, which is the important thing! AND, we get to shop for tap shoes, I mean come on! 
For real tho. Whether you have no rhythm, dance for fun, or are a competitive dancer just DANCE already.:

5. Beyonce - My first night out without baby is officially on the calendar. It's not coming up this week {obviously} but I couldn't resist sharing the I'M GOING TO BEYONCE! We bought tickets on Monday and I am soooo pumped! This will be my third time seeing her and I'm just as excited as ever! Watch out Minneapolis, on May 23rd mama will be cut loose and ready to rock! 

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Vintage Sports Painting - A Giveaway!

As you all read yesterday, we are die hard Arizona Wildcat basketball fans in our house. In doing a sports themed nursery for Ziggy, I definitely wanted to incorporate our favorite teams {Gophers, Wildcats and Aggies} but in a modest way.

Seth at Dull & Boring has some amazing handpainted sports artwork that fit perfectly in what I am trying to do in the nursery. His vintage team logos and mascots are so fun and a great way to add some unique decor to your sports loving home.
I knew immediately that I wanted the vintage Wilbur {Arizona's mascot} for Zig's room but am now wondering if I need a Gopher one for our man cave too. The quality is awesome, Seth was great to work with and I am so happy with how this is going to look in the nursery! I cannot wait to show you all the gallery wall this is going to be a part of! 
Arizona Wildcats Painting

All you sports fans are in luck because Seth is generously offering up a FREE painting to one of my readers! If you don't see the team you want, no worries, Seth offers custom paintings as well! 
You can enter below and I will announce a winner on Monday! 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A Trip to Tucson

Jason and I get the question ALL THE TIME..."why do you cheer for Arizona Basketball?" Did we go there? No. Are we from AZ? No. So real quick, the story behind it is this...Jason started cheering for the Wildcats in 1995. He's always been a big college basketball fan and as he got to know the '95 team and the legendary coach Lute Olson, he grew to love the team, follow them and eventually become a super fan.

When Jason and I started dating, Arizona always played on Thursdays and Saturdays during the season so if I wanted to see my new boyfriend on those days I pretty much had to be at his house watching basketball which I really, truly was OK with because I love college basketball. BUT, I cheered for the Gophers and the Jayhawks so didn't really care too much about Arizona. As I watched more games and got to know the players {primarily Jerryd Bayless} I liked the team more and more. Then, for Valentine's Day in 2009, I surprised Jason by planning a trip to Arizona to see the boys play. 
After seeing a game at McKale Center, I was hooked. 
And the rest is history.

When planning our babymoon trip to Arizona, we knew we wanted to go at a time when The Wildcats played at home so we could see a game and it worked out that they were playing Arizona State - their rivals! We left Scottsdale for Tucson in the morning on Wednesday {the 17th} and went straight to the bookstore upon arrival. 
After spending a small fortune on new Arizona gear, we grabbed some lunch on campus and walked through the mall which lead me to miss college in a big way and also regret not going to a school that has weather like U of A does. 

After a couple hours on campus, we headed to our hotel so that the toddler and the preggo could nap and gear up for the game. Once we were all rested, we made our way back to campus to eat on University at a place that came highly recommended called Frog & Firkin. It did not disappoint! The food and atmosphere were great and the weather was perfect.
A highlight was definitely icing my hubby! It's fun to ice people when you know they can't ice you back!
About an hour before game time we made our way to McKale Center! I truly can't say enough about the arena and the atmosphere, definitely unlike any college basketball game I've been to anywhere else. We watched the boys warm up, said hello to one of the refs that we actually know through my dad and then made our way to our seats. 
The Cats were favored by 12 but Jason and I had a feeling this game would be a pounding - and it was! We ended up beating those dang Sun Devils by 38 {99-61!} Kenley was SO into the game, it was adorable! She was cheering, on the hunt for the mascot Wilbur who she calls "Willburt" and entertaining everyone around her. It's safe to say she is a Wildcat fan for life after this. 
 After the game, we hung around in hopes of saying hi to one of the assistant coaches that we've gotten to know over the years at my dad's summer tournaments. In doing so, we were able to meet a couple of our favorite players - Kaleb Tarczewski and Ryan Anderson both of whom were so sweet to Kenley! 
 Overall, it was another amazing time in Tucson! I am so glad it worked out for us to make a game and to introduce Kenley {and my mom} to the awesome-ness that is McKale Center and the Zona Zoo! I can't wait until we can all go back again...and bring our baby boy!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Last week was a dream. I can't at all complain about daily life because it's pretty great, but we are definitely guilty of falling into a routine at our house, a routine that doesn't always put quality time as a family {or a couple} at the very top of the list where it should be. Having 5 days together as a little family on vacation was so wonderful and much needed, especially before a teeny little boy arrives and turns our world upside down. 

Jason, Kenley and I flew to Arizona last Monday to visit my mom in Scottsdale. Kenley and I have made a girls trip to Scottsdale the past two years but Jason hasn't been out in years! 
We got off the plane and immediately picked up In-N-Out, because, YUMM-O. And then put on our suits and got some sun {and come Z's} then later that night made our way to Grimaldi's for some amazing pizza. 

Tuesday, we were up and at em and ready to enjoy the beautiful Arizona weather.
Jason and I decided it was a perfect morning to climb a mountain. I had climbed Pinnacle Peak last year and knew it wasn't super easy but felt that I could do it despite the large bowling ball now protruding from my tummy. Climbing this year ended up being significantly more difficult than last year but I was proud of myself for doing it. I even got some great comments from other climbers which made me feel awesome - one lady told me I was going to have a super strong baby, another told me a baby had never been born on the mountain and I could be the first {which maybe was an insult since I still have 10 weeks until I'm due} and my favorite comment was from a lady who was struggling up and told me I was an inspiration. 
Tuesday night, we got a late tee time so Jason and my mom could play 9 holes and we could mess around without anyone behind us. It was the most gorgeous night for golf and we had a great time.


Wednesday, we went on a little road trip to Tucson for an Arizona basketball game which I will recap tomorrow because it definitely is worthy of it's own post.

Then on Thursday when we got back to Scottsdale we all took some naps, spent some time in the pool and then Jason and I got to go on a date night! We had an incredible dinner at The Capital Grille and then saw Zoolander 2.

It was so great to have some time alone with my baby daddy and we had so much fun. When we got home, we lit a fire, snuggled up and enjoyed some cocktails {NA for me for course.}
Friday was our last morning with our JJ, so we started off with a nice walk then spent the rest of the morning by the pool before we had to bring him to the airport.
I was super strangely emotional about Jason leaving {thanks hormones} but when I thought about it, I realized that we really needed this time together without the distractions of every day life and I was super sad to see it come to an end. Plus, being away from my hubby for 6 days is always tough. I am so grateful that we were able to take this trip and have this quality time before family member #4 arrives in a couple of months!