Hello everybody! Welcome to mama & mou!
I'm Kristin and I am the cluttered mom brain behind mama & mou. I am a Midwestern mama to my baby girl, Kenley, and devoted wife to my husband, Jason. After 5 years of writing a personal blog, I decided it was time to focus on writing about what I loved most; mucus plugs, spit up and potty training...what I mean is...the beautiful journey to and through motherhood. Though, I really do have an odd fascination with mucus plugs.

My journey to motherhood started a little differently than I had ever expected. After being diagnosed with endometriosis in high school, I wasn't sure whether or not I would be able to conceive. My doctor was always reassuring but was honest when she told me I'd never know until I tried. Imagine my surprise when on March 2, 2012 I got a positive pregnancy test after not trying at all - as in - complete and total surprise! That positive test, my pregnancy and the birth of my baby girl have forever changed me and have inspired this blog.

From the second I saw those two pink lines, I have been fascinated by all things baby and have found myself craving all the information I can get my hands on. My favorite place to turn has been to other mom bloggers who have been in my shoes and are willing to share their stories and tell the truth - the good, the bad and the ugly {ahem...mucus plugs}. And, so, this lil blog was born. I wanted to create a fun place where moms could come and share their stories and advice and also read the experiences of other mamas. 

Behind the name: I am of Greek heritage and growing up I always thought the Greek word for baby was "kouklamou" because that is what I heard my mom, grandma and miscellaneous Greek women {and there were a lot of them} call babies. Turns out "koukla mou" translates to "my doll". "Mou" in Greek means "MY". When my daughter was born my family would use phrases like "koukla mou", "moro mou" {my baby}, "kori mou" {my daughter}, and "Kenley mou" {my Kenley}. Eventually my Kenley was just referred to as "Mou" and it's stuck. We realize how silly it is that her nickname is "MY" but on her it totally works. And so, I have named this blog for me and my baby as well as all the mama's and their "my's" out there.

Beyond being a mama and a wife...I love dancing, Gopher football, college basketball, sweatpants, a good glass of wine, throwing parties AND I loved coffee so much I owned my own coffee shop {for a while}.

I hope you'll hang out for a while and come back often. There are some amazing posts from some amazing mamas that I know you will just love!

Thanks again for stopping by!

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